Travelling Candle Lamps by Sherwood

Travelling Candle Lamps by Sherwood

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A similar cased set of Travelling Candle Lamps are listed as 'Sherwoods Special Service Pattern. Made extra Strong for Indian and Colonial Surveys, and Tourist Shooting and Up-country Expeditions'. The set has a pair of Sherwood's No. 29 'Superior Quality Nickel Plated Windproof Candle Lamps'. The candle sits on a spring in the lamp stem, ensuring that the flame always remains at the same height. The No. 29 Lamp was sold with a clear globe shade and Punkah Top, which is the larger crown to the top of the back lamp. There is a choice of glass shade with a corresponding pressed metal crown to sit on top, as illustrated.

The japanned tin case is painted white to the interior and has dividers to offer protection during travel. The lamps have fittings and clips to hold them in place and there is a box to hold the candles. The blanket wrappings look to be original. There is a plaque to the outside of the case giving Sherwood's name and city and the inside of the lid has Sherwood's orange and gold logo. The owner's name of F.J. Fern is painted to the case but we have been unable to trace the name. Of comparison to these lamps is the pair in leather case illustrated in 'Essential Baggage'. Circa 1900.
Case Size is given


Height 16 cm / 6 "
Width 46.5 cm / 18 12"
Depth 38.5 cm / 15 "

Circa 1900



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