Silver Brighton Buns By Dominck & Haff

Silver Brighton Buns By Dominck & Haff

Maker / Retailer


A pair of American, sterling silver portable Candlesticks.

The pair of candlesticks are worked in repoussé with a Rococo revival floral pattern which is enhanced to the interior of the dishes with a gilt finish. This high decoration to the Brighton Buns suggests that they were aimed more at the domestic market than the military by their makers Dominick & Haff. The decoration is also typical of the maker and from 1888 they produced a flatware pattern called Rococo which might be an indicator of date.

The two dishes are stamped with Dominick & Haff's logo along with '68' and 'Sterling'. The number 68 likely a model number. For more about the company, click on their name above.

To use the packed Candlesticks, the two halves of the 'bun' are unscrewed from each over to give you two dishes. The candle nozzles, one with a thread and one without, are then screwed into their appropriate dish one of which also has a bolt to the centre and the other a threaded hole.

Much of Dominick & Haff's work was aimed at the luxury market and the quality of the work and gilt finish to the interior of these Brighton Buns suggest they were as well. Although a wealthy officer may have owned them, it is more likely that they would have been bought by traveller used to the best. Circa 1890.


Height 5.71 cm / 2 "
Width 8.89 cm / 3 "
Depth 8.89 cm / 3 "
Diameter 8.89 cm / 3 "

Circa 1890


Silver, gilt silver




Dominic & Haff logo, Sterling

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