Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow Catalogue

Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow Catalogue



Amongst the highlights in this catalogue are a Davenport and a Desk made by Chinese cabinet makers in the European taste and destined for export to that market. They are both stunning pieces and the contrast of the rich amboyna wood against black is striking. The irony of these two pieces of campaign furniture is that many of the English design ideas for antique portable furniture were done first by the Chinese. Both are rare pieces and a pleasure to be able to illustrate.

Other items that stand out in this catalogue are a candlestick from the Siege of Gibraltar and although it was not made to come apart for travel it is interesting for the battle it commemorates. It shows the national interest in celebrating the victory over the Spanish and French. What better way to show your patriotism than by dining with candlesticks made out of captured Spanish cannon ?

There are also a number of paintings by Gerald Le Marchant Saumarez of the Sudan. Capt. Shearburn and Broome's Cigar Cases are everyday items that many officers would have had but have been transformed by the history that their owners have left on them. There is also a good selection of 5 different campaign chests. This catalogue has a diverse range of items from many periods.

S.W. Silver, Ross & Co., Thornhill and Drew are some of the makers featured.


Height 18 cm / 7 "
Width 25 cm / 10"
Depth 0.5 cm / "



85 Illustrated Items


56 Pages incl. Covers


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Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow