First Class Travel Catalogue

First Class Travel Catalogue



A number of good makers of antique campaign furniture are represented in this catalogue. Items by E. Ross, S.W. Silver, Gregory Kane, Miles & Kington, S & H Pratt and Hill & Millard are all illustrated.

The Kane table is of particular note with the top being formed from the cover of a hip bath which doubles in use as a packing case. It was a stroke of luck that we managed to find a hip bath by the Army & Navy C.S.L.; it works to the same principal and conveys the dual functionality well.

It has often been the case in the past that we have managed to find a group of similar items, such as chairs, Brighton Buns or exceptional chests etc., to show in the same catalogue. This allows us to compare and contrast them and hopefully adds to the understanding and knowledge of antique campaign furniture. After many years of trying to find some outstanding true campaign desks, this catalogue has 3 examples. There is a pedestal desk which can also be set up as a chest, a colonial pedestal desk and a Hill & Millard desk that is difficult to believe is made to come apart until you have viewed it broken down.

Other items include a portable shower bath. We have shown a round example before in The Portable Empire catalogue but this one packs down into its bath section and retains its original curtains. There are 2 sofas that are designed for travel with the Georgian one being a good early example. The Imperial dining table is exceptional with everything about it saying Gillow. There is a pollard oak cabinet that is very well made but the mystery of its use is uncertain. There is also a double bookcase which can be considered, along with the Paymaster's exchequer, a rare item.


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