Philip's Desk Globe

Philip's Desk Globe



A 9 inch Terrestrial Desk Globe by Phillips on ebonized stand.

The Globe has 24 paper gores and has an aluminium axis with a half meridian on a turned and ebonised wooden stand. The top of the globe has a floating metal disc marked night and day world time which can be turned to see the present time in each country.

The Globe's details and maker are shown on an oval label stating 'Philip's 9 inch Terrestrial Globe, Warm Currents Red, Cold Currents Blue. Principal Shipping Routes with distances in Nautical Miles. London Geographical Institute, George Philips & Son Ltd. 32 Fleet Street. Printed in Great Britain.'

The Globe is in general good condition but the varnish has tarnished a little to give a dark colour with paler marks where it has the varnish has worn.

The Irish Free State is shown, dating the Globe to between December 1922 and December 1937.


Height 38.09 cm / 15 "
Diameter 22.85 cm / 9 "

1922 to 1937


Great Britain


George Philips & Son Ltd. 32 Fleet Street


Desk Globe


Good, some tarnishing to varnish with pale marks where it has rubbed etc.