Pint Lipped Rum Measure

Pint Lipped Rum Measure


A copper Pint Lipped Rum Measure.

The jug has a pot-bellied shape and a riveted handle. It's stamped with a Broad Arrow mark to the side of the base and the Pint, for its volume to the front. Lipped Rum Measures were only marked with a Broad Arrow up to just before the start of the Great War. There are slight remains of a lead customs seal to the inside of the jug's lip.

Lipped Measures were used mostly for measuring the neat rum on board Naval ships, as they were more accurate than a Round Measure which was used for Grog or diluted rum. Eight sizes of Lipped Measures were used by the Royal Navy. Circa 1910.


Height 14.6 cm / 5 34"
Width 11.43 cm / 4 "
Depth 15.23 cm / 6 "