Ash Campaign Chair

Ash Campaign Chair



The design of this bobbin turned ash campaign chair is the same as the model made by Ross & Co. of Dublin. However, this version doesn't have the parts numbered, which would be very unlikely of Ross. Added to this it is made of a timber not normally associated with the company. The bobbin turning to this chair is also quite distinctive and very different to anything we have seen by Ross.

It is possible that a contemporary of Ross' made the chair as a request for an officer who had one by the company. The chair breaks down in the exact same way as those by Ross. The seat is fitted with belt straps to the underside and the front legs have long bolts which join the front and side rails with the post of the arm. When legs and front rail are removed, the side rails can be unscrewed from the back leg and in turn, the back rail is removed. As can be seen there are hinges under the arms to the front and back, connecting them to their posts and the back uprights. These allow them to fold parallel for packing. A curious variant on a popular chair. Late 19th Century.


Height 76.5 cm / 30 14"
Width 51 cm / 20 14"
Depth 52.5 cm / 20 "

Late 19th Century.




Campaign Chair

Lieutenant Wilmot's Bungalow

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