Set of Walkers Patent Hooks by Tonks

Set of Walkers Patent Hooks by Tonks



A large set of folding, brass wrapped on steel Walkers Patent Hooks.

Walker's Patent Expanding Hooks or Expanding Wardrobe Rail, as The Army & Navy Store called them, seem to have been made by a number of different manufacturers. This set has the star mark for W. Tonks and Sons of Birmingham on the back of the two hanging eyelets but most set sets do not have a marker's mark.

Like most sets, the hooks are also stamped 'Walker's Patent 1864' to the front of one strap. The principal by which they work is very simple; the brass straps are joined together by the hooks which are riveted from the back, allowing the three diamond shapes that they form to concertina open or closed. They have a great flexibility, opening as far or as little as you wish to fill the space available.

There are a total number of ten hooks, which are cast brass. The straps are made of brass wrapped over steel for added strength and is a sign of the quality of Tonk's work. These hooks were made in at least three different sizes. The stamp of '1864' gives us the date of the original patent and we know from a Tonks catalogue that they were still making them in the same form in 1939, which proves the success and durability of the design. Circa 1900.


Height 40.62 cm / 16 "
Width 6.98 cm / 2 34"
Depth 6.35 cm / 2 "

Circa 1900


Brass on Stell


Birmingham, England


Tons, Walker's Patent 1864


Folding Hooks