Portable Precision Balance Scales by Oertling

Portable Precision Balance Scales by Oertling

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A mahogany cased set of Precision Balance Scales by Oertling of London.

The scales are very compact when broken down for travel with all the parts fitting into the drawer housed in the base. To set up the scales, the central brass column is screwed into a fitting set into the top of the base. This fitting has a wider shoe with a corresponding cut out to the back of the drawer to allow it to pass by it. The maker's name Oertling and London are stamped to the cross beam.

The scales are fairly logical to set up and can be used with either pans or with hooks to hang, say, a bag. It has adjusting screws, a needle to indicate equilibrium and a pedal foot to lift the balance off its resting point. There is also a small, round box of weights. The drawer is fitted to hold all of the important components fixed in place whilst travelling and has a brass campaign handle.

Ludwig Oertling was a German instrument maker and more can be read about his business by clicking on his underlined name above.

The top of the mahogany box has some dark marking through use towards the front right hand corner which may have been caused by heat, possibly in a laboratory. A good set of portable balance scales by a maker with a strong reputation. Late 19th century.

Packed size is given. The set up size H 10 inches (25cm) W 9 3/4 (24.756cm) D 5 3/4 inches (14cm).


Height 6.35 cm / 2 "
Width 24.76 cm / 9 "
Depth 14 cm / 5 "

Late 19th Century


Mahogany & Brass




Oertling, London


Portable Balance Scales

The Salute

Good, Some marks to the top.