Ludwing Oertling

1847 - 1925

Ludwig Oertling was a German instrument maker who emigrated to England in 1844 and by 1847 had set up his own business, describing himself as a 'balance maker', with premises at 12 Store Street, Bedford Square, London.

After several years of establishing his business, Oertling worked with George Makins, a useful connection as he was the assayer to the Bank of England. Together they made the Improved Assay Balance, which sealed his reputation. Oertling could now also rank the Royal Mint and Bank of England amongst his customers.

In 1861 he went into partnership with Edward Wilds Ladd with the directories listing the business as Ladd & Oertling at 27 Moorgate Street, EC. They also described themselves as 'bullion, chemical & assay manufacturers … hydrometer & saccharometer makers to the Board of Inland Revenue'. After 6 years, the partnership ended.

By 1874 Oertling's address is listed as 76 Turnmill Street. Ludwig died in 1893 and his son Henry continued the business until his death in 1921 and four years later it was taken over by W & T Avery. It is testament to the quality of Oertling's work that Avery kept the brand name despite having a very strong name themselves.