Hill's Registered Door Wedge

Hill's Registered Door Wedge

Maker / Retailer


A brass Door Wedge with ebony insert and leather case.

This brass door wedge would act as security for the traveller staying in an inn or public house. The brass part would be put under the room door and pushed down to the floorboards so that the two pins to the underside would grip and hold its position. The ebony wedge would then be inserted between the 2 brass sections to push them apart and so lock the door. The traveller could then sleep safe in the knowledge that he wouldn't be robbed in the night. The wedge is relatively small and once in its leather case would be easy to carry. It is stamped in gilt to the case Hill's Registered Door Wedge and the brass is also stamped T R Hill Registered.

A previous example we have had was also dated 17th December 1847, with the maker's name and No. 1296 to one section of brass. Mid 19th Century.

Case size is given.


Height 7 cm / 3"
Width 3 cm / 1 "
Depth 2 cm / 1"