Travelling Candle Lamp

Travelling Candle Lamp



This silver plated portable candle lamp shares some of the attributes of those commonly associated with use in carriages, and we have illustrated in the past.

It has 2 fold out double hooks; one to the top to either fix to the edge of a shelf or to grip a curtain or tent canvas, the second to keep the base from tipping in so the light will stay vertical. It will also stand and has 3 feet hinged to fold out from under the base. The base also has a vesta case which swings out from the base and has a serrated edge to use as a striker. The candle is housed within the column and sits on a spring so that it will rise as it burns. The column also has an inner sleeve that can be adjusted to almost double the height of the lamp. There is a removable half round, reflector to maximize the light thrown by the candle and this inverts on its fitting for travel. The lamp has a chained cover to protect the end of the candle which can also be used as a snuffer. It is possible that it originally had a case. Although there are no clues to the maker, this is a well designed lamp and the size, being not that much larger than the candle, is kept to a minimum for travel. Third quarter 19th Century.

Packed Size is given.


Height 17.5 cm / 7"
Width 4.5 cm / 2"
Depth 4.5 cm / 2"