Spectacles Case Flask

Spectacles Case Flask



A chrome plated and snakeskin Pocket Spirit Flask in the form of a spectacles case.

The shape of the case, with its rounded edges means that it slides very easily in and out of a pocket. The removable cap can also be used as a cup or you can drink straight from the flask. The flask also has a screw cap lined with cork to form a good seal. The cap has a collar fixed to a hinged bracket to the flask's neck so that you don't lose it. The hinge allows the cap to move a good distance from the neck so that it doesn't get in the way during use.

The flask is stamped 'Made In Germany' giving its origin and showing that it was made for export. German pocket flasks of this date are often made of a thinner gauge of metal to make them lighter for travel and this one is no exception. It does mean, however that they dent a little easier. This flask has some dents to the cap and body but they do not stand out. They are under the leather which helps to disguise them.

A useful Pocket Flask that can still be used to give a warming drink of a spirit on a bracing day. Early 20th Century.


Height 14 cm / 5 "
Width 6 cm / 2 "
Depth 2 cm / 1"

Early 20th Century


Chromed metal and snakeskin




Made In Germany


Shooting Flask


Generally good but some dents


Due to the snakeskin, this cannot be shipped overseas.