Cased Set of Ransome Inkwells

Cased Set of Ransome Inkwells

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This leather case is fitted with dividers to hold a set of 6 Ransome's Patent Travel Inkwells.

Each inkwell is marked for an ink colour and the set comprises of Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Brown and Black. They are a snug fit and the pull cord is necessary to lift them out of the case. As can be seen the central metal section of each inkwell is pushed through and moved along to sit at a right angle to the mahogany frame, for use. A push button releases the top. When not in use, the central section is held in place by a sprung ball bearing catch. The inkwell was designed by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd. in 1861 but didn't take off until the stationers De la Rue licensed the design. It was made in at least 3 sizes and we have seen examples in leather, all metal and silver. However, this is the first set that we have seen and it can be considered rare.

By repute this set of inkwells originally belonged to an accountant on the White Star Line's Olympic. He also fought during WWI. It is possible he used them on board ship with the number of different colours useful in his accountancy work. Early 20th Century.


Height 7 cm / 3"
Width 15.5 cm / 6 "
Depth 6.5 cm / 2 34"

Early 20th Century


Leather Case, Mahogany, White Metal


Ransome Patent

Rule Britannia