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Folding Boot and Shoe Rack by Platt


This mahogany hanging rack and the free standing one shown seperatley on this website, both work to the same simple but effective method.

When the rack is hung the teeth of its serrated brass strip, which runs along its length, point upwards. The inside of the heel of the boot or shoe is placed onto these teeth and the footwear is held in place by its own weight. The rack folds to nearly half its height for storage but more importantly, in doing so the serrated edge is protected. Stamped Platt's Boot & Shoe Rack, MacDonald's Patent, 77 St. Martin's Lane London. A similar rack to this one, although the patent is not mentioned, is illustrated in The Army & Navy catalogue of 1907 and was available in sizes of 2 or 3 foot in length.

Dimensions open are given.
Circa 1900
Mahogany & Brass
At Ease Gentlemen