Set of 4 Mahogany Naval Chairs

Set of 4 Mahogany Naval Chairs


These 4 mahogany Naval Chairs are an interesting variant to the other Georgian versions we have seen.

They have a tapered leg with a mould cut to the front corners and a turned spindle stretcher to the back. Although we have seen drop in seats with Naval Chairs before, typically they have not had a hinged seat frame to support a removable seat. These chairs do with an applied, simple rounded moulding to the edge. They also have a lug hole to the front and back to fix the padded seat. This may have been to give the user the option of an upholstered seat for cold climates or a caned seat for hot. The green leather drop on seat with these chairs are replacements. The backs are also unusual. The uprights taper towards the top and are rounded. There is a curved horizontal bar, with incised line moulding, to the middle but no bar to the top of the back. Instead, each chair has a removable, leather support that fits over the top of the back's uprights.

The folding action is just as quick. With the padded seat removed, its supporting frame will hinge against the back. The front legs will then concertina flat against the back legs on the hinges set into the side rails and stretchers. A further point worthy of note is that the hinges are set to the outside of the rails rather than to the back with just the barrel evident. The chairs are well made with the side rails and stretchers having short mortice and tenon joints, at the points they hinge, for added strength.

It's probable that these 4 chairs were part of a larger set, perhaps from the captain's dining room. It is rare to find a set of Georgian campaign dining chairs and these have the added interest of being an unusual design. Circa 1780.

Size of each chair for use is given.


Height 88.5 cm / 35"
Width 47 cm / 18 "
Depth 46 cm / 18 14"



Circa 1780






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