Colonial Folding Chair

Colonial Folding Chair



An X Frame Folding Chair with caned seat. The timber looks to be a very good teak.

To fold the chair, the back of the seat is lifted. The seat frame is fitted to grooves to the inside of the two back posts so that it moves vertically with the front of the seat dropping towards the front feet. The seat can't slide completely parallel to the chair frame but it is drastically reduced in size.

The chair has a solid look to it and the timber has a good thickness at one inch. The construction is also strong with double, open tenon joints and lap joints also fixed with large brass screws. The seat frame is supported by a wide bar to the front and a narrower bar to the back. These bars also fix the seat to the X Frame legs. The two brass domes to the sides of the seat, where it meets the legs, and the brass plate to the centre front of the seat are the heads of large bolts that fix the seat to the support bars. The two stretcher bars to the back legs are chamfered and there is a D-shaped stretcher fitted to the front legs.

The caning to the seat has been replaced at some stage and we have made a buttoned leather cushion to add comfort.

This is a well-made chair and the tight grain and colour of the teak gives it a nice quality. Late 19th Century.


Height 82.52 cm / 32 "
Width 45.07 cm / 17 "
Depth 59.03 cm / 23 "

Early 20th Century




Probably Anglo Indian


Folding Side Chair

From Chair To Cannon

Good. Caning replaced and new leather cushion.