Camp Stool by Charles Green

Camp Stool by Charles Green

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Charles Green, the maker, wrote a description of this mahogany campaign stool when he registered the design:

'A Camp Stool of suitable proportions may be made to occupy an exceedingly small space and to have an elegant appearance when closed. The seat is made in the form of a box, which contains the four legs, the ends of which are feruled and made to fit closely into brass sockets in the rim of the box. Sliding bolts at the sides give the seat the necessary stability. The whole of this design is new in so far as regards the shape or configuration thereof'.

He summed up the stool neatly. When packed, not an inch of space is wasted excepting the sockets that the legs fit into. Green was obviously protective of his design and each of the 4 legs and the box is stamped with the information 'Registered in London. No. 6066. 26th July 1878'. At the date of the design Green was located at 80 Libra Road although he had several different addresses after his first listing in the London Directories in 1846. His final Directory listing was in 1887, when he is address is still 80 Libra Road. The stool is a great piece of campaign design. It is a practical piece of furniture which takes up the minimum of space when packed. Circa 1880.

Size set up is given.


Height 33.5 cm / 13 "
Width 36.5 cm / 14 12"
Depth 27 cm / 10 "

Circa 1880






Charles Green