Low Campaign Chest

Low Campaign Chest



A low oak Filing Cabinet Chest.

Whether the chest was purposely made to be portable or not is difficult to say. Certainly the protective corners, flush brass handles and small size suggest it might have been. However, the 'campaign' look was very popular at this period and the maker may have been making sure it was fashionable. The applied corners have a central low dome to the top which would slightly raise a second cabinet off the surface if stacked on top.

The two drawers each have a central divider giving spaces with a width of 23cm, a depth of 35 and a height of 37.5cm. The sides of the drawers are half the height of the face and they run on bars set just above the sides to prevent them tipping to far forward. These bars have a simple wooden twist lock that fit to cut outs to the drawer sides. Raising the lock allows the drawers to be fully removed. With the drawers out, the inset brass wheels to help them run smoothly can be seen. Both drawers have locks but no keys.

The height of this cabinet makes it very practical. It can be used by the side of a chair or desk or even as a bedside cabinet. Early to mid 20th Century.


Height 69 cm / 27 "
Width 54 cm / 21 12"
Depth 42.5 cm / 16 "

Early to mid 20th century






Good. No keys.