Veterinary Surgeon Beech on Patrol

Veterinary Surgeon Beech on Patrol



Saumarez initialed this watercolour painted in Egypt or the Sudan to the bottom right corner.

He also noted the names of some of the officers, the most prominent being Beech. John Robert Beech was attached to the Egyptian Army in 1883 and remained with them for at least 5 years. He was also a member of the Heavy Camel Corps and was wounded with them as they attempted to relieve Gordon. He is shown as the most forward officer wearing a Fez. His dog is to the side of his horse and Suamarez has even titled him on the picture. Beech was awarded the C.M.G and D.S.O in his career and joined the Scottish Horse Imperial Yeomanry on his retirement, eventually reaching the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. Lt. Col. C.T. Barrow is shown to the middle of the picture in a red tunic. He was in the Scottish Rifles but was attached to the Mounted Infantry from July 1885. One other name is also indistinctly written but one is possibly Frewen who enlisted in the East Kent regiment in the same year as Suamarez. Edward Frewen was a Captain by 1884. Capt. Irwin of the 20th Hussars is identified in line with Beech's dog, to the back.

Similar scenes of patrols must have been commonplace at the time but Saumarez has captured a moment in time and added to its interest by naming some of the subjects. Circa 1885.


Height 29 cm / 11 12"
Width 48 cm / 19"
Depth 0.5 cm / "

Circa 1885




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