The Sundowners Catalogue

The Sundowners Catalogue



The title of The Sundowners catalogue was inspired by the Orlando Norie painting to the cover. It shows a group of officers enjoying a drink by their tent at the end of the working day. A time to relax and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Towards the back of the catalogue is illustrated a large variety of portable spirit flasks and cups which also tie in nicely with the title.

We hesitate in our descriptions to call items rare as we find the word is much over used for antiques and so has become devalued. However, this catalogue does illustrate 3 items that fully deserve the use of the word: a Georgian period Armchair, a Regency Torchère Tripod Table and a Robinson's Salesman's Sample of an Ilkley Couch all fit into this category. There are also a number of other items that we are very pleased to be able to document in this publication. There are a pair of brass edged Campaign Cupboards that must have been made for a particular purpose and are unusual, an interesting form of Campaign Bookcase and a large folding Saddle Horse is worthy of note.

There are patent items such as the extraordinary Burrell's Marine Table, the Wyburn Chair and the Hall's Patent Flask. Aside from the patent pieces, there are also items by named makers such as Maynard, Asprey, Briggs, Thornhill, Leveson and Vickery.

The catalogue also has a section of items related to the Rifle Volunteer Regiments that were formed in the late 1850s.

Postage to the USA / RoW is approximately £6.55. UK postage is approximately £ 2.50.


Height 17.5 cm / 7"
Width 24.5 cm / 9 "
Depth 0.5 cm / "



96 Illustrated Items


64 Pages incl. Covers


Catalogue of Campaign Furniture

The Sundowners