Leather Barrack Straps

Leather Barrack Straps


A pair of leather Barrack Straps.

These straps were made to be used in pairs, hung parallel to each to hold swords or riding crops etc. They have 5 brass hooks each which are fitted to the leather strap by 3 rivets with domed screw heads. There is a large brass eyelet to the top and bottom of both straps for fixing them to a barrack room wall or for hanging in a tent.

J.W. Allen called them Pairs of Hook Straps in 1855 where as the Army & Navy CSL later described them as Barrack Straps in 1907. A number of different companies would have made such straps but most are unmarked by their maker. The two sets we have had in the past were made by York House and SW Silver.

This set is one of the smaller with 5 hooks to each strap. They are well made with a thick leather hide that has a single tooled line to the edge. Late 19th Century.


Height 58 cm / 23"
Width 5 cm / 2 "
Depth 6 cm / 2 "

Late 19th Century


Leather & Brass




Barrack Straps