Army & Navy CSL Hot Water Bottle

Army & Navy CSL Hot Water Bottle

Maker / Retailer


A copper hot water bottle by the A & N C.S.L.

It is likely that this hot water bottle originally had a cover as, copper being such an efficient conductor of heat, it would have got very hot when filled with boiling water. It would serve it's owner well on a long journey in a coach or on a train and be equally useful to warm a bed.

The body is made of two pieces: a flat back with deep sides and a rounded front with over turned edges to give a joint that was soldered or brazed. The screw on cap is made of brass as is the folding wire handle to the top.

The back of the hot water bottle to stamped to the middle with the maker's mark of Army & Navy, C.S.L., Makers, London in an oval. Above it is partial letter mark that is probably a C. The Army & Navy Club are known to have made other shaped, copper hot water bottles including ones specifically to rest your feet on in a carriage. Circa 1880.


Height 24.12 cm / 9 "
Width 19.68 cm / 7 34"
Depth 5.71 cm / 2 "