Flagon Novelty Inkwell

Flagon Novelty Inkwell


A leather and pressed brass drinking flagon Inkwell.

The bottom half of the flagon in covered in leather that has been rolled with an interwoven design to simulate wicker or strap work. The handles are made of twisted leather straps to simulate rope. The top half of the inkwell, which would be glass on the flagon, is brass with a leather disc to the cap.

The inkwell works to the same design as many novelty inks with a push button opening the lid. To the inside is a second cap with a sprung pad to form a tight seal to the removable glass bottle. Circa 1900.


Height 5 cm / 2 "
Width 5.5 cm / 2 "
Depth 5.5 cm / 2 "

Circa 1900


Leather on brass, glass.


Novelty Inkwell


Good. Some wear to the handles.