Anglo Indian Box With Secret Drawers

Anglo Indian Box With Secret Drawers



A remarkable teak Anglo-Indian Box with multiple secret drawers.

The box has a brass moulded edge with corners to the top as well as short straps to the side corner. There is also further strapwork to the plinth base. It is likely that the lid interior originally housed a removable mirror, protected by a hinged cover board. The main body of the box has numerous compartments of various sizes, some with slide lids but most open.

The amount of dead space to the areas that are not obviously accessible to this box are a good indicator to the unusual number of secret drawers it contains. It can quickly be seen that there is a hidden compartment on each side of the box towards the back, due to the shrinkage to their facia boards. They are released by inserting a long brass pin into holes to two of the smaller compartments. Behind these facia boards are a drawer with a brass ring handle. To the front middle of the box a whole section can be lifted out. There is a well beneath that gives access to three more secret compartments for drawers, although one is missing. The two to either side are opened by pressure points to the front whilst the back facia board is sprung by inserting the brass pin to a hole above. This still leaves a space the size of the whole box to the plinth base. Inserting the pin to a hole in another compartment release the front of the plinth base and two drawers running the full depth of the box are revealed. In total there are six hidden spaces to house seven drawers.

Aside from all the secret drawers, the quality is much better than most Anglo-Indian boxes from the choice of wood and the brass strap work to the side carrying handles. Early to mid 19th Century.


Height 21.58 cm / 8 "
Width 46.97 cm / 18 "
Depth 30.47 cm / 12 "

Early to mid 19th Century.


Brass bound teak




Campaign Writing Box

From Chair To Cannon

Good. 1 hidden drawer missing.