Georgian Naval Bureau

Georgian Naval Bureau


A Georgian mahogany two-part Naval Bureau.

This is a good warhorse of a Naval Bureau, larger than most in size and with little fuss about it. The fall is set at a height of 34 inches as it was intended to stand at to work. The plain interior of the bureau has 9 full height, plain pigeon hole dividers and no small drawers.

The bureau splits into 2 parts at the moulding with good, brass carrying handles to both sections. If the order to clear the decks was given, the bureau had to be moved into the hold quickly to make room for the guns to operate. Splitting into 2 parts made this much easier.

The 4 drawers are lined in mahogany, which is a little unusual and the back is panelled for strength. The bracket feet look to have been off at some stage and fixed back. This bureau has seen some action and there is the odd patch or scar here and there to reflect it.

Given its size, it's possible that it was owned by a senior officer who was more likely to have a larger cabin. A good 18th century piece of campaign furniture. Circa 1765.


Height 110 cm / 43 "
Width 107 cm / 42 14"
Depth 60 cm / 23 34"

Circa 1765






Naval Furniture


Some patches & knocks etc.