Doric Column Campaign Shelves

Doric Column Campaign Shelves



Made of mahogany, this set of shelves are of an interesting design.

Like many types of campaign shelves they work to the principal of a pole to each corner fitting through related holes set into the shelf boards. How they differ is the method used to space and support the boards. Whereas most other sets have brass standards that either drop on to a central rod or fix individually, this set does not. The poles are turned as three Doric columns, graduating in size from top to bottom. The diameter of the columns get wider the further down they are. The holes to the corners of the shelf boards vary in size from each other, so that they will only fit in one position to be supported by the column tops. The bottom shelf sits on top of turned feet which have steel bolts to fix them to the base of the columns. These are a fascinating set of shelves; the Doric columns give them a classical feel but at the same time they are a little stout in look and solid in construction. Early 19th century.


Height 77.5 cm / 30 "
Width 58.5 cm / 23 "
Depth 21 cm / 8 12"

Early 19th Century



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