Cylinder Bureau Cabinet

Cylinder Bureau Cabinet



As a domestic piece of mahogany furniture this Sheraton period Cylinder Bureau would be considered unusual. As a piece made to breakdown for travel it is very rare.

As can be seen it is made up of three sections comprising of the glazed cabinet, cylinder desk and tambour fronted cupboard with the legs also removable. However, the added surprise is the back of the cabinet. The photograph of the cabinet disassembled also illustrates the back and it can be seen that it was made to free stand, if so desired. Each back section is veneered to suggest that it has either doors or a desk fall, even to the extent of fitting ivory lozenge escutcheons plates, like those to the front. Good use of inlays and different timbers to decorate the cabinet has been made. There is ebony stringing, kingwood, satinwood, and boxwood stringing in distinctive lattice and overlapping lattice patterns. The mahogany to the front has faded to a wonderful colour, while the back which has spent most of its life hidden from the light retains more of its original darker colouring. The cabinet section has a brass gallery and a single shelf adjustable to several positions. This screws down to the cylinder bureau, which has three graduated drawers, either side of the pigeon holes. The three drawers to the bottom are dummy and slide back with the writing surface when the cylinder is closed. There is also a baised lectern to the writing area that can be adjusted to four positions. The cylinder section sits on wooden lugs to the cupboard and the legs with brass caps screw on. A number of design features on the cabinet are similar to work by Seddon, who are known to have made campaign furniture.

Although there is not enough evidence to attribute it to the company, the quality of cabinet making is high and this can be considered an exceptional piece of campaign furniture. Late 18th Century.

Dimensions assembled given


Height 161 cm / 63 "
Width 77 cm / 30 12"
Depth 53 cm / 21"

Late 18th Century


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