Campaign Shelves by Luscombe

Campaign Shelves by Luscombe

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A set of teak Campaign Shelves by T.P. Luscombe of Allahabad.

The top and bottom shelves bolt to the sides, with their large wing nuts proud to the outside edge of the uprights. All 3 shelves are also supported on bracket bars and the middle shelf has locating pins. The bolts and pins are fixed to the shelves by large brass plates for added strength. The shelves are numbered 1 to 3 to ensure they are positioned correctly. The shelves are of a size to both free stand or sit on top of a chest. The top shelf is stamped with the makers' mark of T.P. Luscombe & Co. Allahabad.

Thomas Popham Luscombe was born in 1843 and his business had extensive premises at 5 Goodshed Road, West of Kushroo-bagh, Allahabad in West Bengal. The company provided a variety of services and manufactured a wide range of goods. They described themselves as Mechanical Engineers, Coach Builders, Cabinet Makers and Sanitary Engineers. They made fishing tackle, camp equipage, furniture of all kinds and sanitary appliances as well as being taxidermists. They also dealt in ammunition, hardware, timber and iron work, sporting gear and other miscellaneous goods. Thomas Luscombe died at the age of 76 in 1919 but we have no record if the company continued. Aside from these shelves we have only seen a low coaching table and a large campaign mirror made by Luscombe so their campaign furniture can be considered uncommon. Late 19th Century.


Height 81.5 cm / 32 14"
Width 69.5 cm / 27 "
Depth 20.5 cm / 8 "

Late 19th Century




Anglo Indian


T.P. Luscombe & Co. Allahabad


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