Brass Bound Antique Campaign Book Cabinet

Brass Bound Antique Campaign Book Cabinet



A mahogany, glazed Campaign Book Cabinet.

This Book Cabinet stands out for two reasons: it's brass bound and three-fold. Most Book Cabinets have only two sections, that fold like a book, and do not have brass banding. The two side sections, which form the front of the cabinet when closed, have gilt brass banding extending the full width. The exterior corners, when closed, also have brass corner straps. This example also has strengthening bars to the exterior of the back and the interior of the wings. This is probably because the back boards are relatively thin and, as can be seen, have split with age. The bars to the back also have the added benefit of raising the cabinet off the ground when it is laid on its back. The brass straps to the back extend over these bars, with no sign of having been moved, showing that they are original to the cabinet.

The Book Cabinet doubles in width to 47 1/2 inches when fully open. The doors have a single glazing bar across the middle and each has a lock. The doors also have brass twist catches to the top and bottom but these maybe later additions to make it easier to open the doors. Each section has two shelves that can be adjusted in height.

When the book cabinet is closed, the wings have a slide locking bar to the top and a lock to the centre to secure them. They also have locating lugs. The sides of the middle section have a curious inset brass plate to their middle. Both have a hole to the plate, but it is not threaded. We have not seen the like before on a book cabinet. As it is only visible when the cabinet is closed, we can guess that it may have been to locate a band or strap to further secure it shut. This would also help to lift it out of a packing case if it had one originally.

Book Cabinets would have been both placed on a piece of furniture, like a campaign chest, or used on the floor when at camp. This example is good quality and rarer for being three-fold and brass bound. Early 19th Century.

Opened Size is given. Closed Size is H 31 W 23 3/4 D 14


Height 78.71 cm / 31 "
Width 120.6 cm / 47 "
Depth 17.77 cm / 7 "

Early 19th Century






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Some shrinkage splits to back boards.