Campaign Chair by E. Ross

Campaign Chair by E. Ross



A mahogany Balloon Back Campaign Chair by the Irish maker E. Ross.

The chair is a standard Ross design which they made with different shaped backs to appeal to the fashion of the day. The principals to dismantle the chair was also applied to their armchairs.

The front legs simply unscrew on steel threads from the seat frame. The back has longer steel threads to its uprights which extend through holes to the back of the seat frame to screw into the back legs. The back legs, which have a square section, also have a brass locating plate to take a bolt to fix their position. The front legs don't need one as they are turned with a round section.

The chair is stamped with the numbers 25 and 26. One side of the underside of the seat frame is stamped 25 along with one front and one back leg. The other side is stamped 26. These chairs and the maker Ross were very popular amongst British army officers and, apart from the ease of assembling, the numbering would help prevent chair parts getting mixed up with those of a fellow officer.

The underside of the seat has a stencil which can be used to date the chair. It's painted twice as it's too wide to fit in one on the frame. The top of the frame notes 'E. Ross, Camp Furniture Manufacturer' whilst the back of the frame gives the 'Ellis Quay, Dublin' address. The numbering is worn but is probably 9, 10 & 11. E. Ross changed their name to Ross & Co. in 1860.

The balloon back is an unlikely design for campaign furniture given that the construction is naturally weaker. There has been some minor restoration patching to the back for this very reason. The seat has also been reupholstered. However, Ross were also very conscious that officers and their wives would be more likely to buy the popular design of the day. Circa 1855.


Height 79.98 cm / 31 "
Width 43.16 cm / 17 "
Depth 53.32 cm / 21 "

Circa 1855


Mahogany, Leather upholstery




E. Ross


Campaign Chair


Good, some restoration to back. Upholstery replaced.