Campaign Armchair attributable to Ross & Co.

Campaign Armchair attributable to Ross & Co.


As with the Balloon Back Chairs it is probable that this mahogany Armchair was made to be fitted into a piece of cased furniture.

This armchair bears all the hallmarks of being manufactured by Ross & Co. of Dublin. The essential construction is the same as that of the Ross Balloon Back Chair, that is to say the back legs screw through the seat into the chair back and then are further secured by thumb bolts; the front legs also screw through the seat and into the upholstered arms which are further held by locking into the sides of the chair back. The stamped numbers on the different parts of the chair look typical of Ross, although it appears a mistake was made at the factory. The legs and arms to each side of the armchair are numbered 12 and 13 respectively. However the left side of the back is stamped 2, whereas it should be stamped 13. The seat is sprung and along with the buttoned back this makes for a very comfortable chair. Third quarter 19th century


Height 88 cm / 34 34"
Width 61 cm / 24 "
Depth 97 cm / 38 "

Third Quarter 19th Century





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