Georgian Three Part Antique Campaign Chest

Georgian Three Part Antique Campaign Chest



Although 3 part campaign chests are known, this Georgian mahogany one can be considered rare.

The few others we have seen have suggested they were made with naval use in mind, as does this one. The combination of being easier to move (being in 3 parts), providing greater storage for the floor space taken and provision to take a gallery to the top all fit in with use in a small ship's cabin. The overhanging moulding to the top and bottom, replaced bracket feet, beading to the drawer edges and the handles to the sides of the top section are all indicative of its earlier age. The skeletal drawer handles are also earlier in date and their slightly unusual, rounded shape is worth noting. The chest only has carrying handles to the top section to make it easier to lift up to and remove it from its higher position. They are not needed on the other two parts. The brass lined holes all the way round the top are to take a removable gallery. The chest has 2 short drawers and 5 long which are lined with oak and stained deal to the back. Each drawer has a 2 lever lock but with no maker's name. The back of the chest is panelled.

A calling card belonging to Major G.H. Cradock was found to the back of one of the drawers. Guy Herbert Cradock was in the 15th Hussars and lived at Hartforth, Richmond, Yorkshire. He was also a member of the Cavalry Club. He was born in 1892 and probably owned the chest at least 100 years after its original owner. This is a well made chest of a good practical size. Early 19th Century.


Height 138 cm / 54 "
Width 95 cm / 37 "
Depth 48.5 cm / 19 14"

Early 19th Century.







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