Aldershot Campaign Chest By The Army & Navy CSL

Aldershot Campaign Chest By The Army & Navy CSL

Maker / Retailer


A teak and painted deal Aldershot or Hut Campaign Chest.

The Army & Navy's catalogue of 1883 describes this type of chest as a 'Brass-mounted Chest of Aldershot or Hut Drawers. Are very suitable for Officers of Militia Regiments. Aldershot Drawers, with painted deal doors - £ 4 13 6.' In 1907 they described it as 'Chest of Aldershot pattern or Hut drawers, comprising one long and two small drawers, mounted on and packing into a printed deal case.' It was available in teak at £6 13 or in mahogany at £ 6 15 6 and oak at £ 6 11 9.

Most of the previous Aldershot chests we have seen have had a black or dark green painted packing case section and it is rare to find one with its original faux teak painted (or printed) cupboard. Even the inside of the panelled doors, and the back of the lock, are painted to resemble wood. The metal strap work and edging is painted black as is the top and back of the packing case. The case has larger than usual, flush fitting iron handles and removable feet.

The Chest sits on top of the case and is then fitted with a moulding to the front and sides to hold it in position and to give the join a more natural finish. The front section of the moulding is hinged in the middle to fold, with an indention to the top of the case to allow for the barrel of the hinge. The two side sections have steel pins to fit to the front section and all three pieces have pins to fit to the top of the packing case.

The rectangular maker's label is set into the top of the righthand short drawer, as you would expect. It notes Army & Navy CSL Maker. This drawer is also marked U5 19199 1 to its underside with the carcass also marked 19199.

Aldershot Chests are a practical piece of furniture for the traveller, reducing to half their size whilst also giving protection to the smarter top section. They were made for over 30 years and this example is late 19th Century in date.


Height 112.99 cm / 44 "
Width 105.37 cm / 41 "
Depth 52.05 cm / 20 "

Late 19th Century


Teak & Painted Deal




Army & Navy CSL


Campaign Chest

The Salute

Moulding replaced. Shelf to cupboard missing