Wolseley Pattern Sun Helmet

Wolseley Pattern Sun Helmet



A Wolseley Pattern Sun or Pith Helmet by Failsworth Hats Ltd.

The helmet is made of six panels of khaki cloth which is likely top be on a hard cork shell. The interior is lined in silver foil for heat protection and a fine, dark green canvas. The top has a ventilation button fitted on four bent metal tabs. It has an adjustable leather chinstrap on hooks that is pulled over the peak when not in use. The leather sweatband to the interior is held on metal tab hooks and can be tightened by a string to its top edge.

The sweat band is stamped with a Broad Arrow marks, the size 7 1/4 and Failsworth Hats Ltd with the date 1942.

Failsworth Hats were formed in 1875 out of the Maypole Hat Works, moving six years later to Claremont Street, Failsworth, Manchester. They became Failsworth Hats Ltd in 1940 during the war and the majority of their production turned to the war effort for the Ministry of Supply. This mostly took the form of producing headwear and helmets for the armed forces but also included making various aircraft parts.

Their main year of production of Sun Helmets was 1942, the date to this helmet. Dated 1942.


Height 9.51 cm / 3 34"
Width 28.5 cm / 11 "
Depth 37 cm / 14 "





Failsworth Hats Ltd, 1942, 7 1/4 and a Broad Arrow mark


Wolseley Pattern Pith Helmet


Good. Minor discolouring to the top. Repair to break on Chin strap, some wear to leather.