Pocket Barometer by Elliott Bros.

Pocket Barometer by Elliott Bros.


A gilt brass Pocket Barometer in leather case.

The Barometer has a silvered dial with a scale from 25 to 31 further divided and numbered into tenths. The outer bezel marks the altitude with a scale of 1000 to 6000 feet with the hundreds numbered as single digits and the tens unnumbered. The fine pointer is made of blued steel and the dial marked 'Compensated' above the centre and 'Elliott Bros. London' below. The Barometer has a hanging ring and a hole to the back to access a small screw adjuster. The case is made of dark red leather on softwood and is lined to the bottom with velvet and silk, which may be replaced, to the top. It opens on a concealed sprung clip and has an aperture for the hanging ring.

Elliott Brothers were a well-established company by the time this Barometer was made, able to trace their start to William Elliott in 1804. In 1849 his 2 sons joined him in the business and when William died 1853 the company name changed to Elliott Brothers. The company were innovative and made the most of the leading scientists of the day to improve their instruments.

A Pocket Barometer was easily carried and useful to a learned person to predict the weather. Late 19th Century.

Case size is given.


Height 8.89 cm / 3 "
Width 8.89 cm / 3 "
Depth 3.81 cm / 1 "

Late 19th Century.


Gilt Brass


Elliott Bros. London


Scientific Instruments

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