Capt. Shearburn's Cigar Case

Capt. Shearburn's Cigar Case


This leather cigar case is of a type that was commonly used at the end of the 19th Century.

However, its interest lies in the ink annotations made to the inner sleeve. The owner's name Captain Shearburn, 9th Lancers is written to one side. The first inscription to the case is E.E.S. from L. J. M de M. 1874 and this would tie in with it being a gift to Egremont Eadon Shearburn on his enlistment as a Lieutenant in the 9th Lancers on the 23rd of May 1874. Shearburn went on to list over 90 places (often dated) that he was either stationed at or visited between 1874 and 1893 as both a soldier and civilian. These include Colchester in 1874, Naples, Sialkot, Simla, Brindisi, Chinese Tibet, China, Jellahabad, Cabul, Killi Bahadoor, Judulluck Pass and Peshawar as a soldier and also note his locations during the 2nd Afghan War. He retired on the 10th of November 1880 and his return to England in listed in this year. However,

Shearburn seemed to have a wanderer's spirit and by January 1881 he was in New York before travelling south to Texas and Mexico and then back up to Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and returning to Texas in 1883. Whilst back in Texas he played for the Texas Polo Club which had been established in that year at Boerne and noted that he had played the game in several countries. He moved on to California and then out to the Sandwich Isles before visiting Idaho before he went back to New York in 1885 to return to England. His travels didn't stop there and soon he was at the Cape of Good Hope before going onto the Transvaal, The Zambesi, Mozambique, Zanzibar and Madagascar amongst over places. In 1888 he was in Mauritius, Calcutta, Madras and Ceylon. He then travelled to Albany in Australia and onto Adelaide and Melbourne where he returned to England in 1889. He then went to the Azores in 1890. To the side of the case Shearburn then notes Madeira and curiously Lost with the year 1890 followed by England Found 1891. The last places noted are Silati /92, Komati / 93 and England /93. By this date Shearburn was 39.

As a social document this cigar case is very interesting and the extent of the Captain's travels quite exhausting. Circa 1874.


Height 15.5 cm / 6 "
Width 10.5 cm / 4 "
Depth 3.5 cm / 1 "

Circa 1874






Capt. Shearburn

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