Sevastapol Military Mirror

Sevastapol Military Mirror



As the large brass hinge indicates, this walnut mirror was taken at the siege of Sevastopol on the 9th of September 1855.

It was not uncommon for soldiers to take souvenirs from a battle and Sevastopol was no exception. The National Army Museum has a number of items ranging from a glass door knob and the padlock from the city's arsenal to the sights from a Russian gun and an armchair made to be portable. However, it was less common to commemorate the souvenir by engraving it. This mirror has a full length brass hinge that must have been calling out to be engraved, when it was taken. So much so that the new owner had both sides of the hinge marked.

It is probable that the mirror is Russian made and certainly there are differences to English travel mirrors of this period. Although the basic action is typical of many campaign mirrors in that the protective board is hinged to form the mirror's foot, most English mirrors of this period would not have any veneered wood. This mirror has solid boards of walnut but the chamfered edges are veneered to give a better finish. The mirror also has a hole to the top to allow it to be hung. The use of walnut, coupled with the large brass hinge makes this a very attractive piece. The engraved notation of the mirror's history, along with two burn marks to the sides, serves as a reminder of the year long siege of the city that eventually fell to the British and French in September 1855. Dated 1855.

Size set up is given.


Height 29.5 cm / 11 "
Width 22 cm / 8 "
Depth 34 cm / 13 12"







Taken out of Sevastopol, 9th of September 1855.

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