Mr R. Dykes' Teak Trunk with Paktong Handles

Mr R. Dykes' Teak Trunk with Paktong Handles



A large teak Trunk with paktong carrying handles and good brass strap work.

The trunk also has 2 large paktong hinges with the screws all lined up vertically. Paktong is a Chinese alloy of zinc, copper and nickel which bore a striking likeness to silver. Handles made of the alloy were used on the better quality Chinese Export furniture of the 18th and early 19th century. Although the design of the handles and the paktong to the hinges point towards a Chinese cabinet maker, the construction of the tray (which looks to be original) is undoubtedly English. The lock is also marked Bramah Improved Patent, although English locks are known on Export furniture.

The uncertainty of its origin does not diminish the quality of this trunk, which is very good. The tray fits like a glove, it has a superior lock, the brass strap work is good with filed down screwheads and the use of paktong elevates it from many other trunks. The sides of the trunk are fixed with a stepped mitre joint and the edges of both the top and the body, where they meet, are cut with a simple line mould. The base is raised by an applied frame with a reeded moulding. To each corner is a square hole which suggests the trunk may once have had removed feet.

The brass name plate to the top is engraved Mr R. Dykes but with no other information it is impossible to research the owner. Whoever he was, he had good taste in trunks. Early to mid 19th Century.


Height 53.5 cm / 21 14"
Width 104.5 cm / 41 14"
Depth 56 cm / 22 "

Early to mid 19th Century.


Teak with Paktong Handles & Hinges, Brass Strapwork




Mr R. Dykes


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