Walnut Campaign Bookcase

Walnut Campaign Bookcase



A solid walnut bookcase with figured walnut veneered to the glazed doors.

This Campaign Book Cabinet is of typical form - two sections hinged to each other to allow them to close as a book would do. With the two parts facing each other they form a more portable box shape, and of course, the two glass doors face each other to the middle so protecting them. Both doors lock on the same key.

Some campaign bookcases also lock the two sections together, when folded for travel. This example doesn't suggesting that it probably originally had a packing case.

Each side has three mahogany shelves that can be adjusted in position. The interior sides are each cut with 14 grooves to support the shelves giving a wide range of available heights.

Aside form the use of walnut, the bookcase also has line cut moulding to the front and to the leading edges of the shelves, to subtly lift it.

This bookcase stands out for its use of walnut with most others being mahogany or teak. The piano hinge joining the two sections is also a little different to most. A good campaign Book Case. Circa 1875.

The size closed is given, When fully open the length is 3 ft (91cm) so it will fit on top of a standard sized campaign chest.


Height 76.17 cm / 30 "
Width 45.07 cm / 17 "
Depth 45.32 cm / 18"

Circa 1875


Solid and veneered Walnut, Mahogany.




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