Officer's Campaign Bed

Officer's Campaign Bed



This brass and iron Camp Bed can be considered rare and it is the first single bed of this type we have had.

It is fortunate to have retained its original oak box but frustrating that it is marked with neither maker's nor owner's details. A number of companies such as Hosking, J.T. Thomson, William Day, Thomas James and Scott & Son etc. made similar model beds but there are not enough clues to determine the exact maker.

The action of the bed is very simple but effective. The main body of the bed consisting of the three sets of legs and side rails is one piece. The legs have a scissors action which, when closed, bring the two side rails to meet. There are also hinges to the rails at the points where the legs join, allowing them to be reduced to a third of their length. The remaining parts consist of two locking bars for the head and foot which are used to strengthen the bed and prevent the scissor action of the legs opening too far. There is a foot board made of thinner gauge tube, with hinged uprights to fold; two head posts with removable finials to fit the half canopy (which is also hinged to fold) and a two part decorative head board. The replaced canvas has corset lacing to fix to tighten it to the frame. The bed has a series of rings to the canopy and foot board with which to tie the replaced mosquito net.

Given the number of makers of this type of bed, each claiming that theirs had an advantage over others, it is a surprise that there are so few on the market. Early to mid 19th century.


Height 185.5 cm / 73 "
Width 91.5 cm / 36 "
Depth 201 cm / 79 "

Early to mid 19th century.


Brass & Iron




Campaign Bed

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