Improved Drawing Table Easel

Improved Drawing Table Easel



The patentee, Henry William Herron, describes this oak Improved Drawing Table as intended to support a drawing board in such a manner that it may be readily adjusted both in height and inclination to enable it to act as a table or easel for supporting the work upon which the artist is engaged. The 2 metal rods set the height and angle of the easel to suit any requirements and locked in position so that it cannot be accidently disturbed. The rods each pass through a split block that can be clamped tight by a bolt to hold their position. The easel will fold to a relatively flat position once the legs' metal locking bars are unhooked. With one of the rods lifted out of its clamp, the Drawing Table will fold. The top support bar is held by 3 bolts on wing nuts and can be removed to take a taller canvas or board. The label notes the patent number 222780 and the maker or retailer Clifford Milburn & Co. 85, Fleet St. E.C.4. Clifford Milburn & Co. seem to be a company set up by Herron to sell artist's colours and equipment. They had various addresses, using 85 Fleet St. between 1926 and 1934. The patent was accepted on the 9th October 1924. The easel is a clever design and has a versatility as well as providing more stability than most easels. Circa 1930.


Height 109.5 cm / 43 14"
Width 61 cm / 24 "
Depth 51 cm / 20 14"

Circa 1930.






Clifford Milburn

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