Georgian Cabin or Map Table

Georgian Cabin or Map Table


A rare Georgian, mahogany Cabin or Map Table is unlike any other we have seen before.

Like a campaign chest it is made in two parts with the top section fixing to the bottom by two brass twist locks to either side. Typically, Cabin Tables have a Pembroke top with two flaps but are smaller in size. Not only is this model much deeper but the middle section of the top is hinged to lift and give access to a storage well below. The fact that the top lifts is not disguised but rather attention is drawn to it by a simple moulding line cut into each side. The top has a brass quadrant to hold the top open once lifted. The well is plain, without dividers and lined in linen. The top section has a dummy drawer to both the front and back which corresponds to the size of the well. The handles to this drawer are much larger than those to the proper drawers and are for moving it around on its castors. The two bottom drawers are only accessed from one side although the other side has dummy drawers for appearance. The drawers all have a simple cock beading to their edge and are oak lined. When the two table flaps are lifted, the top nearly doubles in size. They are supported by a pair of lopers each. It is interesting that timber to the sides, that is hidden by the flaps, is not mahogany but stained pine. This area is hardly ever seen because it is covered by the flaps when down and hidden by them when up. On a domestic table they would not be made in a secondary timber but it perhaps ties in with the fact that this was made for travel.

The cabin table stands on low bracket feet with brass castors below. Given that cabin tables are associated with ship board furniture, the well and greater depth, this piece of furniture could well have been designed to hold and view maps or charts. Circa 1800.


Height 77.5 cm / 30 "
Width 48.5 cm / 19 14"
Depth 91.5 cm / 36 "

Circa 1800






Full Width of Top When Opened 39 1/4 inches


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