Folding Writing Table

Folding Writing Table


An oak Folding Writing Table with fitted leather interior.

A variety of similar desks to this one were made by a number of companies and in various woods. Albert Barker, Harrods and the Army & Navy Store Club Ltd. are just a few of the makers and retailers who are known to have sold similar Writing Tables. This one is unnamed but the quality and condition is good. Typically the leather interior of these desks show signs of wear and damage. Aside from a missing elasticated strap to the right for holding down papers, the interior to this desk is very good. It retains its leather covered brass inkwell with glass liner and the pen wipe to the front of it. It also has a box with finial to the lid for matches with a sandpaper striker to the underside of its lid. To middle at the back, there is a wallet with partitions underneath for holding stationery and a further pocket behind it. The desk also has several loops to both sides at the front for holding pens, pencils and tools etc. When not in use the Writing Table folds neatly on its X frame legs by depressing 2 sprung button catches to the underside. It has its key and can be locked closed.

A good example of a popular design. Circa 1900.

Size for use is given.


Height 79 cm / 31 14"
Width 62.5 cm / 24 34"
Depth 66.5 cm / 26 "



Circa 1900


Oak and Leather



Carpe Diem

Good. One Elasticated Strap Missing.