Campaign Wardrobe

Campaign Wardrobe



A low, simulated mahogany and painted pine Campaign Cupboard.

The show wood is painted faux mahogany whilst the interior is painted green. There is evidence of an original paint finish beneath, with the green probably painted over 100 years ago.

The construction and assembly is similar to that of a Channel Islands Wardrobe but the shorter height and style suggests that it was made for travel rather than the ease of taking it up a staircase. It is an unusual piece of campaign furniture.

To dismantle the Wardrobe, the painted panelled back, which sits within a rebated area to the top and sides, is unscrewed. The top has mortice joints cut to its sides which fit on tenons to the Wardrobe's side boards, allowing it to lift off. Each door has hinges made in two parts so that they can be lifted up off their pins and separate from the hinge halves fixed to the sides. The sides also have tenons fitting them to the base along with two blocks each which add stability. It's possible that they may have also once supported a very low shelf. A curiosity to the backboards is that it is not the full height of the back. It has a 'foot' to each side but a gap to the middle. This may be connected somehow to the blocks to the sides and a possible shelf but as yet we have no firm explanation. The turned feet remain fixed to the frame base board of the Wardrobe. The frame may originally have had material tacked to it or possibly it had another board that sat on top. We have added a removable board.

The assembly of Channel Island Wardrobes, which originated with the French Armoire, is well suited to portable furniture and we have seen it used in Anglo-Indian Wardrobes. It breaks down into five boards and the base with attached feet. It has been fitted with a hanging rail to make it practical for use but there is evidence it had something similar originally. It makes a lot of sense as a piece of travel furniture but obviously few, if any others, were made. Circa 1840.

The chair is sold separately.


Height 141.55 cm / 55 34"
Width 120.6 cm / 47 "
Depth 60.3 cm / 23 "

Circa 1840


Simulated mahogany




Campaign Furniture

From Chair To Cannon

2 hinges replaced. Base cover board replaced.