Pair of Camp Stools or Low Tables

Pair of Camp Stools or Low Tables


A pair of satin birch Camp Stools with caned seats.

The caned panel to the top of each stool suggests they were made as seats but the height along with the size and their flatness means they make very good low side table. The X frame folding mechanism is very simple but effective. One pair of legs have a fixed position with a hinge that allows them to fold. The other pair have a wooden rod uniting them to their top. This is set under two metal bars that run the length of the underside of the top meaning the rod (and so the legs) will slide away from the fixed legs for set up or towards them to fold. One stool has an ash rod, as opposed to satin birch, and it is probably a historic replacement.

The satin birch wood has been painted with a dark grain to simulate walnut and so make the Stools a little more decorative. English, early 20th Century.

Size set up of each is given.


Height 41 cm / 16 14"
Width 38.5 cm / 15 "
Depth 29.5 cm / 11 "

Early 20th Century


Walnut Simulated Satin Birch




Campaign Stools


One rod probably replaced.