Prismatic Compass by Husbands

Prismatic Compass by Husbands

Maker / Retailer


A brass Prismatic Compass in leather case.

The compass has a lid with cut outs to each end to allow it to sit over the vane when its folded down and avoid the prism hinge. With the lid removed the vane and prism can be stood up for use. The compass has a floating, green paper disc marked with all the points of the compass. It can be fixed in position by a button below the vane. The compass retrains its leather case which is lined with velvet to the base and silt to the lid. It has two swing hooks to fix the lid. The paper label to the lid interior notes 'Husbands Optician, 8 St. Augustine's Parade, Bristol'.

A well-made compass, which retains its original colouring and case, from a retailer who seemed to be the main supplier of all things optical to Bristol in the second half of the 19th century. Circa 1890.

Case size is given.


Height 3.17 cm / 1 "
Width 7.62 cm / 3 "
Depth 5.71 cm / 2 "