Faux Wood Safe With Alarm

Faux Wood Safe With Alarm


A steel Safe Box with alarm, painted in a faux figured walnut.

The red painted interior of the box has a false bottom hiding an alarm bell. To open the box, the key is turned clockwise. If its turned counter clockwise the alarm would go off.

The underside of the base, as can be seen in the fifth image, has a hole with a ring fitting to which a wire or string would be attached with the other end tied to a fixed point. If the safe is lifted to steal the alarm would also be set off.

The alarm is operated by a battery and the workings can be accessed by removing the false bottom which is held in place by two round nuts. The safe would originally have had a removable cash tray which sat on the metal lugs to either side of the interior.

The lid has a steel carrying handle is held by a full length hinge with a strengthening bar to the opposite edge. This bar is stamped between the two teeth with the number 4732. The same number is stamped to the key.

The faux wood paintwork to the exterior is very well done and has gilt line decoration to mimic the stringing you might find on a wooden box. Circa 1900.


Height 15 cm / 6"
Width 24.5 cm / 9 "
Depth 18 cm / 7 "

Circa 1900.


Steel Painted In Faux Wood




Safe Box


Generally Good. The tray is missing and there is some deterioration to the back corners.