Portable Writing Desk by Lund

Portable Writing Desk by Lund

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Although made to a fairly standard design this brass bound mahogany desk is exceptional quality and by a good maker.

It has a drawer to the side, which extends to the full length of box and is locked by a pin. The top can be opened to a number of different angles, held in place by a hinged arm, which allows the box to be used as a lectern, with a removable stop bar. When the desk is opened fully a baized writing slope is revealed with two inkwells at the top, a removable pen tray with compartment below, a tidy with lid and an angled tidy. Both baized surfaces are hinged for storage below with the top section having three hidden drawers. These drawers are accessed by lifting the angled desk tidy and flicking a catch to release their sprung facia.

On the underside of the top of the slope is a label for the maker stating Thomas Lund, Manufacturer of Improved Letter Copying Machines For Counting Houses & Travelling, Portable Writing Desks, Dressing Cases, Cutlery, Pocket Books &c. &c. 56 & 57 Cornhill, London. Lund's cabinet making is certainly good quality and perhaps this is best shown by the tiny dovetails on the hidden drawers. Most makers would pin this size drawer rather than go to the trouble of dovetailing. The box also has an engraved brass plate with the name of William Platt 1823. Other examples known of Lund's work are two tortoiseshell tea caddies and a rosewood portable desk, all circa 1830 in date.

Dimensions closed are given.


Height 18 cm / 7 "
Width 50.5 cm / 20"
Depth 26.5 cm / 10 12"

Circa 1830






Thomas Lund Label

At Ease Gentlemen