Large Leather Pannier Bag

Large Leather Pannier Bag


A large leather Pannier Bag to be carried by a beast of burden.

The bag is closed by three belt straps to the front and has two iron rings to the back for hanging. The rings are held by leather straps both stitched and riveted to the bag which also have a loop to further help attach it. A leather covered chain with a sprung clip is fixed between the two rings and acts as a basic handle. The interior of the bag is lined in canvas and has a full-length pocket to the bag with two belt straps, two pockets to the sides and two pockets to the front.

The bag is marked to the interior with the name 'H.R. Pettit' and to the front flap 'C.T. Nott, Brockmanton'. The bag is also stamped to the leather in an oval with 'Citadel Workshops Dept. Of Stores, Egyptian Army'. Egypt was effectively under British rule between 1882 and 1922. The Citadel Workshops probably produced and supplied a wide range of items for the army with this Bag one of them. We have found out little on the two owners. H.R. Pettit was an officer in the army in the early 20th century rising to Major in 1922. He was a Colonel in the Home Guard and a member of the Territorial Army in 1946. Brockmanton is in Herefordshire and a C. T. Nott was a member of the county's Woolhope Club which was concerned with exploring history, natural history and geology.

The bag is an interesting survivor and a good size. Early to mid 20th Century.


Height 43.16 cm / 17 "
Width 63.48 cm / 25 "
Depth 20.31 cm / 8 "

Early to mid 20th Century.






C.T. Nott, Brockmanton & H.R. Pettit


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